Use VCM II to activate auto wiper/headlights with alarm on 2009 Ford Transit

How to program Ford Transit GEM module using FORD VCM IDS?
First of all, a pic on what it is like in the dark:
Use VCM II to activate auto wiper headlights with alarm on 2009 Ford Transit-1

Looks really good right? Now let us find out how to make this.
Vehicle: Ford Transit 2009 and onwards
Tool required:  Ford VCM II V86 with IDS software
Auto parts required:
Rain/ light sensor with plug & lengh of wiring – part no – 3S7T-17D547-AB
Rain/light sensor bracket/covers part no’s F1488557, F1710216 & F1687666
headlamp switch with auto lights – part no 4M5T-13A024-DA
GEM module (MUST have CTM CL RKE AS on label) Part no 9T1T-15K600-ED
Antiptheft horn part no 2T1T-13832-AD
Bonnet switch part no F3553259
Rain sensor wiring details:
Pin 1 on sensor connect to Pin 8 on headlight switch
Pin 2 on sensor connect to GND
Pin 3 on sensor connect to GEM connector BL pin 22
Autolights wiring details:
Pin 4 on headlight switch connect to GEM connector IPR pin 21
Alarm wiring details:
Anti-theft horn connect to GEM connector IPL pin 1
Pin 1 on Bonnet switch (hood ajar) connect to GEM connector BL pin 23
Pin 2 on bonnet switch connect to GND
Before connecting VCM II to vehicle, you need to unplug GEM module, disconnect toughbook/laptop from internet
and then run Ford VCM II IDS (by disconnecting from internet, IDS ca not download vehicles “As Built Data”). Once IDS
has communicated with vehicle. Select Module programming and then Programmable module installation (PMI).
Select GEM, IDS will attempt to download “as built data” it will then give option to manually configure GEM module.
Select manual configuration & enter the following codes when instructed too. (There are 3 programming codes to enter
in – 1 at a time, shown in yellow box below)
Use VCM II to activate auto wiper headlights with alarm on 2009 Ford Transit-2

Once done IDS with ask for module to be installed. At this point plug GEM module back in, and follow instructions on IDS to complete process
Now you have automatic wipers and headlights with Alarm.
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