Launch X431 V(X431 Pro) Brief Introduction

As we know Launch x431 scanner is worldwide famous car diagnostic scanner. We have many garages use the LAUNCH X431 ,but after 1-2 years use you will get x431 update Trouble .

Launch X431 V with Bluetooth/Wifi based on Android system, is a new car malfunction diagnostic device developed by Launch Tech for Internet application. X-431 V completely substitutes X431 IV and X431 Diagun III. It passes on Launch advantages in car fault diagnostic technology, such as vast car model coverage,powerful test function, special function and accurate test data, etc.
X431 V achieves full car model and full system fault diagnosis through the bluetoooth communication between DBSCar connector and intelligent mobile terminal. Launch X-431 V takes the advantage of mobile Internet, can share maintenance data and case library, provides instant maintenance information, and builds public and private maintenance social circle,etc. It leads car diagnostic community to a wider one.

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