John Deere EDL v2 Service Advisor Review Features and Benefits

Hello, everyone- this is riley with these a laptop to have been doing your quick review of the john deere service advisor edl adapter. Now to start off with this, adapter is going to serve as the pastor device when hooking into your john deere off highway engine. Some positives and negatives about the adapter.
John Deere EDL v2 Service Advisor Review Features and Benefits-1

The positives are going to be that honestly. This is the only adapter that will work with the john deere oam software. Any other adapter would not be compatible. Other positive is that with this adapter does come. Some additional cases you’ll see on screen. Here we have the usb cable and the nine pin you’ll also see on screen some demonstrations and plenty music. Now we go into some negatives start with the adapter itself is made of plastic. So it’s not true durable. If you drop this and you’ll be careful of the functionality that would remain other negative would be the only reason you would need this. Adapter is, if you have the john deere le cam software, which, as you know, is very hard to come by illegal coffee. Now you will find a lot of people online selling bootleg tired versions, problems that lies there is that majority of the time there will be no support because outdated version, and you also run the risk of just getting a bad copy of the software. And you know, if you buy someone on line, you really have no protection. Only other options for hooking into john deere would be something like our texting. You, which gives you all these dealer functions. This has just been a quick review of the john deere service advisor etl adapter. Thank you for watching.

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