ICOM NEXT with ISTA Software Solution

ISTA/P certified software works with USB K+DCAN interface via the loader emulator but cannot get it to recognize an ICOM NEXT interface (purchased from a BMW dealer). The interface works fine with BMW ICOM Software ISTA+ and INPA (also shows fine in iToolRadar)

Solution/ Recommendation:
We do not support any third party ICOMs /cables, there so many of them floating all over the internet and most of them won’t work or goes ON and OFF on you, like sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.
We only support the ICOMs / cables we offer as they come with technical support and hardware warranty as well,  beside they are guaranteed to work with our certified software.
Simply, select the ISTAP server manually from connection manager and enter the IP address of the ICOM which you can be found from IToolRadar.

If you need more about ICOM NEXT , please click our link: https://www.autonumen.com.

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