How to Solve John Deere ACU Payload File Expired Error


John Deere Service Advisor Diagnostic Software Free Download



Run John Deere Service Advisor, after connection build

Select “Program controller”,then it will show you the Payload file expired

Click to download and save it on your PC

Run John Deere PLD files encypt-decrypt tool

Click “Open” to browse the file you save from John Deere Service Advisor just now

Then click “Save as” to a path,and click “GO”

It will generate a editable txt file

Open it,then change the “DATE_REQUESTED=20140403..”

A new year value 2019 (this example current time is 2018,so 2019 still invalid)

There are two “DATE_REQUESTED=20140403..” you need change,scroll down to change another

How-to-Solve-John-Deere-ACU-Payload-File-Expired-Error-6 How-to-Solve-John-Deere-ACU-Payload-File-Expired-Error-7


Now save it,and then run John Deere PLD files encypt-decrypt tool again,load it and click “Go”

It will generate a new file

Now load the new file in John Deere Service Advisor,then program it to ACU



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