How to Launch x431 V Enables Hyundai Service Interval

Launch x431 V is able to do  Service Interval on Hyundai I10 I20, here is the step-by-step guide for you:

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-01 (2)

Go to “Reset”.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-02 (2)

Oil reset.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-03 (2)

Tap “OK”.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-04 (2)

Go to “Hyundai”.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-05 (2)

Switch on ignition as the screen pops up.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-06 (2)

It will automatically read out the Vin number.

Tap “General”.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-07 (2)

Tap “I10 (IA)”.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-08 (2)

2014 – 2018.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-09 (2)

Special function.
launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-10 (2)

Service reminder setting.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-11 (2)

Tap “OK”.
launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-12 (2)

You see “Coding Not completed”, tap “Workshop”.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-13 (2)

Tap “OK”.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-14 (2)

Save completed!

Press [OK] button.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-15 (2)

Tap “Distance”.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-16 (2)

Please input the distance.
launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-17 (2)
Go to “Period”.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-18 (2)

Input the period “12”.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-19 (2)

Tap “OK”

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-20 (2)

Save completed!

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-21 (2)

Tap “Cancel”.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-22 (2)

If you go down on the dash, let me write up a bit, let’s go drip drip drip and 365 days and 10000 miles.

launch-x431-v-enable-hyundai-service-interval-23 (2)

So this is how you set up the Service Interval, if it has not been setup, unfortunately you can only do it with the diagnostic machine like launch scan tool X431 V pro.
All right, thanks, hope it helps.

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