My experience with MB star C3

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My experience with MB star C3

I’m going to keep posting my updates about doing an AAM and SRS module swap in my 01 ML 430 Sport using the Chinese clone Benz star c3 diagnosis tool.
I received my C3 yesterday and the Dell D620 a day earlier to use for the C3. Replacing the hard disk with the one supplied with the C3 was a snap. After watching a few videos on YouTube on how to set up the Xentry and Das programs I had them up and running. But then it took me another 3-4 hours of playing and researching online to figure out how to set up the RS232 port to see the Stardiagnos.
At 10:30 last night, and very exhausted it came to life. As I had figured the AAM and SRS modules were completely non responsive and could not be talked with via the tool.
This morning I ordered a new AAM from and with free shipping and $370 it is on its way to my shop. I picked up a SRS module from a wrecked ML in a local junk yard that I hope will work.
I plan on attacking the SRS system this weekend and the AAM next week. I have been working through the Xentry emulator to learn how to properly set up and program these parts today at my desk and think I have it down pretty well. It is pretty simple once you figure out the navigation and menu structure in the DAS system.
So stay tuned and offer a prayer for me that I do not brick any of the components in my truck.

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MB Star diagnosis C3 and MB SD C4

The difference between MB Star diagnosis C3 and MB SD C4 is vey complicated, so i collected some data about them to let you know. Here we take one of my customers’ case as an example to share with you about how to find a right way to deal with MB STAR diagnostic system.

Hello, I am new to STAR diagnosis field. I have been considering all of these questions:

1. All MB STAR system are look similar (Super MB STAR C3, MB STAR C3, SD Connect C4), are they all different?

2. Is the MB STAR diagnostic tool can operate on a Virtual machine? The shops sell Star tools with T30 and Dell 630 are running on Virtual Machine?

3. Can we order a MB STAR (C3 or SD C4) multiplexer + cables and install DAS/XENTRY alone (ie not buy everything HDD)?

4. What is the difference between MB STAR DAS and Xentry software?

That’s a lot of questions, but it is difficult to find clear and precise answers. So I leave it to you! I’m interested in explanations, information, links etc, in French or English, Thanks!!
And following are the customer’s clear & precise answers:
a. All STAR system shares the basic diagnostic software, like DAS, XENTRY, WIS, ST Finder etc. Super has much more software than other star diagnostic systems. Super MB SATR C3 has Develop Mode, Smart TAN code etc software etc that other Star tools does not have.

b. Super MB STAR C3 multiplexer can be updated online. MB SD C4 and MB STAR C3 do not support update.

c. MB SD Connect 4 is the newer and most respected Star tool for Mercedes models.

d. Best price MB SATR C3 version cannot support Benz trucks. Other Star multiplexers work both cars& trucks.

Second. Yes, MB STAR external software HDD can be loaded on Virtual Machine. If you get T30 or Dell D630 format HDD, you can only loaded it on T30 or Dell D630 laptop. If you buy external HDD, you can install it on Virtual Machine. But internal HDD runs faster than external HDD.

Third. If you need to buy Star Multiplexer without HDD, then go for this: Best quality MB STAR C3 without software HDD. The better suggestion is that you get the MB SD Connectand Dell D630 laptop which software in pre-installed, you did not need to install software by yourself.

Forth. MB STAR DAS: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System
Xentry: New software released by Benz Company to diagnose new cars.

DAS in old software

XENTRY is newer software
The Star diagnostic tool it self determines which software you are going to use. That means STAR diagnosis will read your vehicle and enter into Xentry first, if your vehicle has to be done via DAS, it will go into DAS, otherwise it will stay in XENTRY)

Multiplexer STAR Compact 3 (Auto-Link Blue STAR) realizes all the functions of official factory BENZ Star2000: reading out and erasing trouble code; reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator; coding and programming. It applies the latest high-tech central gateway system of car model 221/211 and 203 with software version updated to October of 2006, can enter all the Benz cars, such as autobus truck, saloon car, sports car, smart car and so on.

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The similarity and difference among C3,C4 and C5

Mercedes Benz C5 Xentry Connect diagnostic interface, produced by French ACTIA Company and equipped with Panasonic Xentry-Tab, can test Engine / Transmission / air conditioning /SRS/ABS/ anti-theft system and OBD-II system.Benz C5 at can provide complete diagnosis for the newest hybrid W222. And it has a qualitative improvement in hardware and software by authorization of diagnostic interface to control the software.

The new product concept and brand combination for hardware and software components will be the next step towards an integrated After-Sales System environment with future-oriented diagnostic solutions. 100% Original second-hand Mercedes BENZ C5 Star diagnostic system manufactured by French ACTIA tech is available in

Mercedes benz star scanner is a very popular auto scanner in the market. However,Many customer are confused to choose when they want to buy one, because there is four version of mb star:Mercedes Benz star c3,MB STAR C4, Benz Star SD Connect Compact 4 C4 and super MB benz star C5. So now,i will summarize their similarity and difference,hope it will helpful for customers to choose.

1.Benz star C3/C4 and MB star sd connect c4,Super Car Diagnostic Tools  MB Star c5 use same software.
2.For the hardware, Benz star C3/C4/C5 is same function in diagnosing.

1.For the functions, MB star c3 and c4 are almost the same,C4 can do all the works what C3 does and it is the replacement of Compact C3.
Just benz star c4 size is small and weight is light,much convience and the anti‐interrupting ability is better.
One more thing, as customer feedback, the advantage of c3 is can do trucks best.

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What’s Difference of MB Star C3 C4, Super MB Star C3 and MB SD C4

There are some Mercedes Benz MB Star C3 C4 in the markets, they are almost first choice for Mercedes Benz Diagnosis and popular in customers. As new generation Mercedes Benz MB SD Connect Compact C4 come out, more and more people prefer to choose MB SD C4 now. Why people like MB SD C4 better, but sometimes people mixture MB SD C4 and MB Star C4; still some people like classic MB Star C3, while they feel confused, which one is better, which one to buy, which one is best for their need, here we collect the information simply, hope it is helpful you

Following Mercedes Benz Star diagnosis tool is sold on our website
In conclusion and supplement:
1. SP45-C, SP45-F, SP117, SP06 have same software, with different quality of hardware, the main unit of MB Star C4 is smaller than MB Star C3. Main unit of SP117 is best quality(comparing with other mb star c3, c4, except for super mb star c3)
2. Except super mb star c3 can update online one year for free, other Benz Star update via hard disk, you can buy newest software alone when newer software come out
3. Car Diagnostic Tools MB SD C4 has UDS chip, it support UDS Protocol, not only K-Line and CAN BUS protocols, while other MB Star diagnostic tool without UDS Chip, do not support UDS Protocol
4. MB SD C4 support Lan Cable and Wireless Connection, more convenient than other star diagnosis; other Benz Star interface only support cable connection.

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FAQ MB Star C3 Diagnostic Tool

MB Star Diagnostic Tools MB Star C3 Diagnostic Tool 2015.03 is a professional and excellent diagnostic tool for trucks and new types of cars. This version of MB STAR C3 can fit all computers which is not only limited on IBM T30, to provide great convenience to customers. MB Star C3 Multiplexer has one hard disk contain DAS and WIS system.

Many customers meet lots of problems and do not know how to solve when using MB Star C3. This article will focus on this point.

From MB Star C3 Diagnostic Tool For BENZ Truck and Cars has past truck test and can be used to do Benz trucks.

1Q: How to do MB Star C3 self diagnostic?

A: Please follow the next instruction to do self diagnostic.

Step 1. Click “STAR UTILITIES”

Step 2. Enter “Star Utilities”, click “Self Diagnosis” and then click “Caesar Self Diagnosis”.

Step 3. The self-test has started, please wait.

Step 4. This is Self-diagnostic report

2.Q: Star C3 got error reading: StarUtils Save not successfully-licCheckLicense XENTRY Diagnostics

4 – StartKey can not be decoded or scheme is not recognized, or appID unknown.


1. “Xentry can’t active, save not successfully”?

Step1. Please reset your computer date to a specific date that three months later than the C3 version (for example, if the C3 is 2013.05, then the computer date should be reset to 2013.08. 2). Step 2. Please activate again. There is a .pdf file named [Open your Star 2013.05] on the C3 operation window, which step-by-step shows how to activate MB star and also we have video demo at


Step 3. If it still can’t be activated after you reset the computer system time, please go to Local Disk (: C) and delete [lic-key2]. Then try to active again.

2. StartKey can not be decoded or scheme is not recognized, or appID unknown?

Please restart your computer or wait for a longer time, and it will display as follow:

3.Q: When I active Xentry, the [Start date] is not as the same as the date you give me, does it need to set time firstly?

A: You only need to set the computer system date. The [Start Date] and [Finish date] is set by us, so just ignore them.

4.Q: I connect Star C3 to the car and the computer, the COM port is also set, but I got the following error.

A: Firstly try to do a self-diagnostic to see whether Star C3 is connected well with the computer and the car, whether it has communication between Star C3 and the software driver or whether the settings is correct. Then according to the self-diagnostic report, you can reset the incorrect operation.

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Launch X431 PAD is a specially designed and the newest diagnostic tool

Launch X431 PAD from autonumen is a specially designed and the newest diagnostic tool for automotive technicians. Compact main unit, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update,universal connectors make it the first and the best choice.

The new LAUNCH professional line series is Android-based and wireless. The new 2014 tools include the X431 Pad II, LAUNCH ScanPad 101 and Launch X431 PAD ad 071. The drop-tested tablets include coverage for Asian, European and domestic vehicles, live data and graphing and a new glitch capture feature.

EVG7 tablet PC is also an unique essential, for the professional garage and mechanic car repair services. The key feature of this EVG7 DL46 is to be full-compatible for vehicle diagnostic devices’ software.We installed and tested all kind of automotive, truck and bus diagnostic softwares. You can install and run all diagnostic softwares without any alert and error.

Engine, automatic transmission, air conditioning system,The SRS,ABS.,ASR,MPL,GMThe The The original factory anti – theft, Mercedes – BenzDASXThe System,KEYZESS GOThe System and its,OBD II -The System, etc. MB STAR C3 Read the fault code and clear fault codes, the dynamic data flow, computer programming, matching component test and maintenance of information consultation, component location map, the circuit diagram.DAS:Since the diagnosis system with concise interface, clear operation method, deserve to go upIBMHigh – quality computer, top service the query failure and detection system as agile and accurate

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X431 PAD is the newest and first diagnostic products together with the internet

X431 PAD is the newest and first diagnostic products together with the internet. It has the printer inside and is equipped with a DBScar diagnosis connectors.It support 3G/WIFI communication and the Internet to diagnose. Launch X-431 PAD is a special designed diagnostic tool for automotive technicians. Compact main unit, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update,universal connectors, make it the first choice for technicians. PAD X-431 is the newest equipment for technicians.

Bosch partnered with IDENTIFIX to integrate the company’s more than 30 million experience-based repair solutions in the tool. It also features one-touch AutoID, which automatically detects controller area network (CAN) vehicles 2005 or newer to set up year, make, model and engine, one-touch DTCs to get codes with access to confirmed experience-based fixes and embedded training videos. Finally, the tool also features a customer browser home page with access to popular technician forums and Google searches.

This tough and rugged tablet PC is designed to use especially in the environment of vehicle repairing garage services. We installed and tested all kind of automotive, truck and bus diagnostic softwares.  You can install and run all diagnostic softwares without any alert and error.The package do not come with Hard disk, but if you need EVG7 hard disk for BMW ICOM or GM MDI, can order from us. Any sata format HDD is compatible with EVG7 DL46 tablet PC.

Last week my friend buy a new MB STAR C3, he told me this C3 with the lastest version, 2014.07, it is cool, but before using it, he should have to active it, install the software.It is not a easy thing if you don’t get any user manual for it, because you should get the related keys from the manufacture, and step one by one, and should active 2 parts, Xentry & DAS.

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Best Specifications MB Star C3 Pro

Best Specifications Mercedes star C3 Pro:
1.Product software includes:
1) SAR: the automatic assistance system Diagnostic, concise interface and the direct use with the IBM PC can perform high quality playback of fast and accurate code and all car system tested
2) WIS net: Workshop Information System Supply the whole wiring diagram in a car, component location diagram and maintenance method. What you do is to enter the chassis number, and then you will get the manufacture data, engine configuration and the car model and all the details.
3) Electronic Parts Catalog
4) ST Finder: the location of the room sensor
5) STAR Utilities: the motion control system and self-test
6) Xentry: New software released by Benz Company after 04 / 2009by diagnosis new cars.

The scan tool is stated to become as easy  as a handheld device having a brought display, or it may be as complex like a  laptop or perhaps a PC running sophisticated analysis software. The tool allows  you to definitely perform both easy and advanced diagnostic without investing a  lot of money. Laptop Computer based checking tool assist in boasting an very  wealthy feature-set such as the capacity to plot and log sensor data, to  calculate fuel efficiency and estimate horsepower and torque.

Launch X-431 PAD is new release Multi-language Launch tablet diagnostic scanner. Launch x431 pad support 3g wifi can via bluetooth communication, color touch screen, easy operation. autonumen Recommend Launch x431 pad support 3g wifi X431 launch pad diagnostic tablet.

EVG7 Analysis Control Kitchen table LAPTOP recently released through Autonumen, which was created to work with especially in the atmosphere regarding car or truck mending garage products. Using this type of challenging in addition to solid EVG7 DL46 tablet PC, you can deploy in addition to run almost all analysis softwares without the tell you in addition to mistake.

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Launch X431 series tools enjoys great popularity at autonumen

As is known to us, Launch X431 series tools enjoys great popularity in the field of auto diagnostic tool at, especially lovely used by each car workshop owner. But some fans user may met some problems when keep it working for a long time. Here take Launch X431 Diagun as an example.

Launch X431 PAD developed with wireless (3G, Wi-Fi) and Wired Network, which you can do updates with the One-key update and vehicle diagnostics Functions (via Bluetooth communication.Functions other additions are VGA / HDMI projection, Oscilloscope, Engine ignition analysis, sensor simulation and test, Multimeter, Battery test, endoscope, Color touch screen and more easy operation.

This EVG7 Tablet PC is designed especially only for the professional garage and mechanic car repair services.The key feature of this PC is to be full-compatible for vehicle diagnostic devices software.This tough and rugged tablet PC is designed to use especially in the environment of vehicle repairing garage services.We installed and tested all kind of automotive, truck and bus diagnostic softwares.You can install and run all diagnostic softwares without any alert and error.

With this, you can get the keys back for MB STAR C3, D-A-S, W-I-S and STAR UTILITIES
D-A-S: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System, Concise interface and straightforward operation with IBM high-quality computer can realize the quick  and accurate code reading and the whole car system testing
W-I-S net: Workshop Information System Supply the whole view of the wiring diagram in a car, component  location  diagram and  maintenance method. What you do is to enter the, chassis number, and then you will get the manufacture data, engine configuration and the car model -all in detail.