GM Mangoose PRO II vs GM MDI

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GM Mangoose PRO II vs GM MDI

Hello, what’s the main difference of GM Mangoose PRO II cable and GM MDI interface?

How do i know which one i need?

What is GM Mangoose PRO II:

Mongoose Pro GM II interface (either Drewtech Mongoose pro GM II or Chinese Mangoose pro GM II) is a low-cost, high-performance vehicle network interface that connects a laptop directly to the OBD-II connector. … Mongoose vehicle interface. Installation CD with device driver (J2534 compatible)

MongoosePro II can support GM GDS2 & Tech2Win:
Because GDS2 & Tech2Win can support different VCIs (Vehicle Communication Interface) based on D-PDU standard, such as GM MDI, Bosch MVCI, Drewtech CarDAQ plus, Drewtech MongoosePro GM II…, GDS2 can recognize the drivers of interface installed, so that the user can select the interace in the application, and make GDS2 to communicate with the ECUs of vehicle.

Some people even think it the best GM diagnostic tool coz technicians can use GM tools incl. MongoosePro GM to work with GM dealer diagnostic application GDS2, but MongoosePro is the cheapest interface compared with others, the user can save money, moreover the clean design of MongoosePro GM II with electronics protected by cable is a maintenance free solution that allows user to avoid frequent damages on main diagnostic cable and the communication port of interface.

What is GM MDI:

General Motors MDI vehicle communication interface (VCI) for wireless J2534 reprogramming and diagnostics. Note: Requires software subscription to GM SPS (Service Programming System), which must be purchased separately

Used for Pass-Thru programming on all GM vehicles since 1996 and forward. … The MDI manages the transfer of data between a vehicle’s onboard ECU network with an auxiliary CAN bus, and offers faster programming speed using J2534.

The MDI interface can support GM GDS2 & Tech2Win & Global TIS.

GM Mangoose PRO II vs GM MDI:


The Mongoose Pro GM II ALMOST does everything the MDI does. Currently that is:
– Module reflashing with SPS
– Diagnostics with Tech2Win software
– Diagnostics with GDS2 software.

Kind of different!

The GDS2 software package includes the data bus diagnostic tool. Using the data bus diagnostic tool, the MDI will allow you to see voltage levels on the data bus, the Mongoose will not. The Mongoose will run the data bus diagnostic tool, but only partially.

Bosch corporate provides no support for installation and use of the MDI with GM software.
Drew does.

This is the big price difference.

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GM MDI Software Installation:

GM MDI Software Installation:

1. For old GM MDI, it needs us to register and activate the software for you by remote control. Now this best quality GM MDI is the new version, now register step and activation has become?
easier. When you install the software, software will generate the PDF file. Then send this PDF file to us, we will activate it for you. There is the software installation video on our page.?
Please follow our video to install the software. For the filled information, please fill your information.

2. About Software
There is the software CD in the package. You can directly use our software CD to install. As this GM MDI is made by original chip. If you have original software, you can use the original software together with our hardware. If you have used original software on this hardware, now you want to use our software again, please refresh the hardware, then you can use our software as usual.

3. About Function
This GM MDI has diagnose and programming function. GM MDI is more better for cars after 2009. For old cars, you can choose GM TECH 2.GM MDI support online programming function. If you want to use this function, you need have the account.

Offline Function: After you install the software ready, based on what car model software you install. If you install Chevrolet Europe, then you can do offline function for Chevrolet Europe.?
If you install opel, then you can do offline for opel.
Latest High Quality Professional Diagnostic Tools GM MDI scan tool FAQ
Q1: Can i use the original software on this gm mdi hardware?
A1: Yes. This Best quality GM MDI interface is made by original chip. Almost has the same function as the original one. You can use the original software with this hardware

Q2: How to get the license key?
A2: The software need to activate before you can use, please follow our installation video, and send the PDF to us, we will activate it for you

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WiFi GM MDI vs. Original GM MDI 2 Multiple Interface

This is a chart of GM Multiple diagnostic interface comparison: GM MDI 1 vs. GM MDI 2 kit.
Therefore, it’s easy to find that the GM MDI 2 multiple diagnostic interface only improves in hardware design and running speed.
But the price ($12000) of MDI 2 is 4 or 6 times as MDI 1 ($150-$300).

So, no matter it’s used for DIY fun or professional repair work, a GM MDI clone of high quality is definitely no issues. Note that there are different versions of GM MDI china clone; and the quality may vary coz they are produced in different factory, especially PCB design. And it would result in various prices. But you will get what you pay for.

Here is the best GM MDI WIFI china clone:
Global TIS, GDS 2, Tech2Win software………..worked

* Automatic vehicle recognition……Confirmed
* DTC reading and removal……Confirmed
* Complete list of live data streaming for all main ECUs……Confirmed
* Recordable / playback of live data……Confirmed
* New software flash for existing ECU to fix drivability issues……Confirmed
* Programming & installation of new ECU (PCM, ABS, Instrument cluster, air bag, fuel pumps etc.,)……Confirmed
* Programming new keys……Confirmed
* Setting / removing speed limiters……Confirmed
* J2534 pass thru offering ECU re-flash and diagnostics for other vehicle manufacturers, when subscribed to their specified software……Confirmed
* More dealer specific functions……Confirmed

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The GM tech 2 has been the flagship diagnostic tool and programing device for many many years

The GM Tech 2 has been around since the 1980’s.  It has been the flagship diagnostic tool and programing device for many many years.  it continues to be a valuable part of the GM dealership stable because its quick, efficient, and works great!  Now that other diagnostic programs that are, for the most part, only economically  viable for GM dealership technicians to use (like Tech2WIN) the cost of Tech 2 has come down a little bit over years past.  It is because the Tech 2 has been around for as long as it has that it is such a copied and cloned unit.
GM Tech 2 is used on obd2 GM vehicles which mainly built from 1992 to 2011, while GM MDI supports vehicles from 1990 up to 2013. Now every vehicle for now on will be using GDS with the GM MDI Scan tool that is why we said MDI is replacing the tech 2. However, Tech2 works with quite well with some SAAB cars due to its SAAB card, while a few SAAB owners said MDI not support their cars.

You do not need to divorce any module. You just enter your VIN when you get to that screen on the Tech2.Think about it this way, if the ECU was completely fried it could still be replaced with a new one. The old (any old module – not just ECU) needs to be removed via Tech 2 from the car that is getting a replacement module. The donor car does not matter at all. Then the replacement module gets added to the car via Tech 2 needing a replacement module. The module may need SPS programming to load the correct version of software based on Engine, Market and other options depending on the module.