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DIY Modify R270 BDM Programmer to Erase 35080vp

DIY Modify R270 BDM Programmer to Erase 35080vp

I have a R270 BDM Programmer R270+, my problem is that it
reads the 35080vp chip but it can not erase it, it gives me
error. I ask because all of bought read 35080 and cas but not
erase 35080. how to solve the problem?

Customer Solutions:
Sometimes vp don’t erase just replace the chip

Solution 1:
I played a few hours with my R270 Programmer, and I succeed to
make it erase 35080v6/vp in a few minutes.
First I changed 7805 with L7805CV, before voltage was 4.94v,
after that is 5.02v, but nothing happens, still can’t erase
more than hour.
after that i start to play 35080 PCB, and in the end started
to erase 35080v6/vp after 74HC125 changed with 74HCT125M, erase 5-10 min tryed on 3 chips, mayb if i change 74HC00 will be better, but i haven’t one for try.


Solution 2:
R270 M35080 v/vp not read/erase
1. Change the power supply to good quality: 12V 1.5A
2. Change capacitor


3. Change Resistor


Test working 100% by me. you are at your risk.