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Cloud-Based Auto Shop Software

Why is cloud based automotive management software better than old school CD/DVD based software?

Increased Reliability

Anyone who works with computers will tell you that it is not a matter of If a hard drive will fail but WHEN it will fail. Your desktop computer uses one hard drive and if that fails you are in for a lot of pain. You may be able to retrieve the data if you are lucky and the failure is not too bad. So at the best way you are in for an expensive visit from a IT expert and a couple of days down time while he gets your system set up again.

At the worst way your data will all be gone, well at least back to your last external back up of your data. You do regular backups to external hard drives don’t you? PLUS check the backups for data !

Pif Pro backs up our customers data twice a day across multiple servers (each of which has multiple hard drives in).

Consistent Updates
With a desktop based system you have to wait for a CD/DVD to arrive. Hope it doesn’t get lost in the post or damaged. Then you have to stop everyone working so you can update the system, hope nothing goes wrong in the middle of it.

What if your machines are not compatible with the update, you need to install new drivers or add ons. Anyone in the workshop have a computer degree?
Cloud Based Automotive Management Software updates itself overnight, you log in and the updates are in place. No need for you to do anything. Other than keep on working.

Online Training
If you are using a desktop RO writing system then you have to wait to receive their DVD and update your system, what if something has changed, what if you need new training? Will it all be in the DVD?
Cloud based management software allows us to update the online manuals, adding new information in a text or video format and updating any help files on the fly.

Work Anywhere with cloud-based automotive management software
When your business relies on one computer that has all the software installed on it you have two issues. Whenthat one machine breaks you are in trouble.You are tied to that location. If you want to move to another room you can’t (well unless you take the PC with you to the coffee shop or home at night).

Cloud based software works in a web browser, if you can access a browser and know your login you can work. That means you can work from a new laptop or a tablet if necessary. As long as you can get access to an internet browser you can still run your business.

Rather than having to stay late to work on your paperwork you could do it all from the comfort of your own home, with your laptop on your lap.

Improved Usability and Connections
As software moves to all being web based it allows us to connect quickly to parts suppliers and new marketing companies.

As the Automotive Repair business evolves we share more and more information with companies like CARFAx and we want to pull parts pricing and stock availability information from companies like Activant, WorldPac and WHI, cloud based systems make this easy to do. Also sending data to marketing companies like DemandForce, MechanicNet & KuKui, marketing directly to your customer & managing your social marketing reviews.