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Lonsdor KH100E Full-Featured Key Mate


Lonsdor KH100E key mate Description:

KH100e is a versatile handheld smart device, launched by Shenzhen Lonsdor Technology Co., which includes special features and functionality, such as identify & copy chip, access control key, simulate chip, generate chip, generate remote (key), generate a smart key(card), detect remote frequency, detect infrared signal, search
induction area, detect IMMO, unlock Toyota smart key and etc.


KH100E Key-mate Features:

1. Modern appearance design, in line with the operating habits of the public.
2. Device system comes with operation instructions, easier for you to use.
3. It covers almost all the functions of the similar products in the market.
4. Built-in super sensor to collect data (over-range data collection).
5. Exclusive support for 8A (H chip) generation.
6. Built-in WIFI module, can connect to network at any time.

Lonsdor KH100E Functions:

When completing the registration activation (KH100E registration guide, please refer to page 4 in the User manual), it enters below menu interface:


1. Identify Copy
Enter this menu, follow system prompts to operate (as shown).

2. Access Control Key
Enter this menu, follow system prompts to operate (as shown).

3. Simulate Chip
Put KH100e’s antenna at the ignition switch(as shown), choose the corresponding chip type to simulate. This device supports below chip types:
①4D ②46 ③48


4. Generate Chip
Put below types of chip into the induction slot(as shown), choose the corresponding chip to operate according to the prompts. This device supports below chip types:
①4D ②46 ③48 ④T5 ⑤7935 ⑥8A ⑦4C ⑧Other
Note: some chip data will be covered and locked.


5. Generate Remote
Enter [Generate key]->[Generate remote], choose the corresponding vehicle type to generate remote control(as shown) according to different regions.


KH 110E Generate Remote car model list:





6. Generate Smart key(card)
Enter [Generate key]->[Generate smart key] menu,choose the corresponding vehicle
type to generate smart key/card(as shown) according to different regions


7. Identify Coil
1) Search smart induction area
Connect remote key with remote connector, Put KH100e’s antenna close to the pre-determined position. If inductive signal is identified, the device will continuously make sounds, please check if the position is right(as shown below).


2) Detect IMMO
Connect remote key with remote connector, Put KH100e’s antenna close to key identification coil, and use key to turn ignition ON. When KH100e buzzer beeps, it means signal is detected.


8. Remote Frequency
Enter this menu, put remote control at the device’s induction area to detect remote frequency

9. Special function
Include: detect infrared signal, unlock Toyota smart key, More functions, to be continued…
1) Detect infrared signal
Put remote control at the infrared signal detection area, press the remote’s button once.
When the light on KH100E’s screen is on, it indicates there is infrared signal, otherwise there is no signal (see below pic).

2) Unlock Toyota smart key
Put in smart key, click OK to operate.


Lonsdor KH100E key mate Update:

Enter settings menu, and connect the device to network, then choose [check for updates], one-click online upgrade.

Lonsdor KH100E parameter:

Device dimension: 193MM * 88MM * 24MM
Screen size: 2.8 inch
Screen resolution: 320X240
Battery: 3.7V 2000MAH
Power: 5V 500MA
Work temperature: -5℃~60℃
USB: USB-B/charge-data transfer
Connector port: PS2-7PIN OD3.5 7PIN, 1.27 spacing, the 2nd PIN: NC

KH100E Package includes:

1pc x Lonsdor KH100E Hand-Held Remote/Smart Key Programmer

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Volvo-S60 smart key-Full Keyless -Help File

This help file basically includes 4 parts: Function, Operation, Attention, and  Reference.


1. Add smart key: to add a smart key or program on all key lost;

2. Delete smart key: delete the already programmed smart key;

3. Read the CEM security data: dismantle & read CEM to backup security data (this is a must before programming);

4. Read the KVM security data: dismantle & read KVM to backup security data (this is a must before programming);

5. Key identification and unlocking: to detect whether the key is a new unused one. If the remote control is invalid after programming (on condition that the battery has been installed and the remote frequency is correct), try to import the CEM safety data to unlock the key and program again after unlocking.

Note: it can only unlock the CEM safety data of the vehicle or the corresponding vehicle

6. Module identification: identify the body CEM / KVM module status, please do this before all the operation, this function can ensure the module status, and distinguish between full-keyless / half-keyless. In addition, when the safety data backup is completed, and the module has been installed where it should be, please perform “module identification” again just in case and then proceed programming.


1. When programming Volvo 6-button keys, please be sure to dismantle&read the CEM and KVM first, as to their location and how to read, please refer to the “Operation” or “Reference”

2.First time to use the adapter, you need to bind it with OBD2 key Programmer K518ISE. Go to the K518ISE home page and choose “Settings -> Bind adapter”, following the direction to finish binding. One K518ISE host can bind up to 5 adapters, and the bound adapter can not be bound to other K518ISE hosts. Once bound, no need to bind again.

3. For the 6-button key, you need to dismantle & read the CEM in the co-pilot storage box,as well as the KVM in the right trunk to backup security data.

4.Connection between OBD2 key Programmer K518ISE host, adapter and RN-01 board :

5. Read Volvo CEM please use RN-01 board:

6. Connection between K518ISE host, adapter and FS-01 board:

7. Read Volvo KVM please use FS-01 board:

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SuperOBD SKP-900 Key Programmer FAQ Collection

SuperOBD SKP-900 Universal Key Programmer work on almost all vehicles in the world, specially good at Landrover and American cars after year 2006, but not so good for Japanese cars.

Super SKP-900 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to update SKP-900
A: 1. Register on SuperOBD SKP-900 official website with dealer code 1001, finish it
2. We will upload the update file for you on the official website, then you can check it in “my update” when you once login the website, it usually need 2 days

Q: how I get more tokens?
A: SKP-900 is with 50 tokens, after you use up, you can go to the SKP-900 official website to get more. It is for free.

Q: this skp-900 CAN read pin code?
A: yes, SKP-900 can read pin code for many vehicles.

Q: what year this skp-900 cover?
A: skp-900 can do both old and new cars. year after 2006 is better.

Q: skp-900 supports all car key lost?
A: skp-900 supports all car key lost of some cars

Q: SKP-900 can program TOYOTA G CHIP?
A: yes, SKP-900 can program TOYOTA G CHIP

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2019 Lonsdor K518S VS K518ISE

2019 Lonsdor K518S VS K518ISE:

The same: IMMO capabilities + Vehicle coverage.

The difference: The update subscriptions, Lonsdor K518S offers 3 optional subscriptions.

Lonsdor K518S:

1.SK213-B: Basic packagewith lifetime update
2.SK213-S1: fullpackage (free update for first 6 months) + one-year subscription(800USD)
3.SK213-S2: lifetime update subscription(not incl. the cost of hardware and basic package)

PDF: Lonsdor K518S function list


The parts with black words are free forever.

The red parts need money.

Lonsdor K518ISE (English version):

1.SK213: basic package (free lifetime)
2.SK213-S: one-year subscription(630USD)

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(Solved) Lonsdor K518ISE update error abnormal machine and try to restore

One customer feedback: when he tried to update Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer, he got error: “The machine is abnormal, try to restore, scm file lost” shown as bellow.


Press the “Settings” button and “Back” button at the same time.

Uninstall the current APK until you see “APK is uninstalled successfully”.

Tap “Online update (New), you can tap the circle to check if there is newest updates.

Install and it will take you a longer time, during this waiting process you can do something else. After installation complete, reboot the machine and you are asked to set the WIFI and tap the “Update” option, if the update failure, change another Wifi or refer to the WIFI settings file to change domain name.

If you get the same prompts shown as below, then please follow the below guide to operate.

1). Tap “Fault repair”.

2). Get message “This operation will delete APK related data and reinstall, are you sure to go on?”

Tap “Yes”.

3). Tap “Factory reset”.

4). Install complete, tap “Back”.

5). Tap “Start the application”.

6). Please enter 6-digit power-on password.

7). Tap “Update”.


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Lonsdor K518ISE FAQ in Feb

Here is some Lonsdor K518ise key programmer User Question and answer, Hope can help you know more about Lonsdor K518ise.

Q:Can Lonsdor K518ise program all key lost dahatsu sirion 2015?


Q:hi I would like to know if this Lonsdor k518ise Suport 2009 Toyota Prius all key loss??


Q:Can it read pincode for Chevrolet Sonic, Cruze, Colorado, Orlando and Trailblazer with remote flip keys?


Q:Could we clone or program a used key, or only the original one? To be usable again on another car?
And What About the Odometer Adjustments, it also has an access on Volvo Cars? If yes could you please send me a demonstration how to use it ?

A:You can program the used key can use if the used key can clear the data. Auto key Programmer Lonsdor K518ise can’t support Volvo odometer correction.

Q:Can the K518ISE tool do all key lost for Toyota G chip and H chip?


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XTOOL X-100 Pad 2 Key Programmer Special Functions Expert

XTOOL company recently release new product X-100 PAD 2.

It not only provides customers with professional key programming, but also the most needed special functions for workshop.

What can X-100 Pad 2 do?

* Key Programming
* Oil Reset/Engine oil light reset
* Odometer Adjustment
* Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset
* Timing belt light reset (Manual Operation)
* EPB Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation
* TPS Throttle Body Adaptation
* Steering Angle Calibration
* Battery Reset
* PIN Code Reading
*Hexadcimal editor(Win Hex)
* OBDII Diagnosis
* Support the latest vehicles with CAN BUS and UDS protocol
* Update Via WIFI (always equip your device with the latest software)

What is the coverage of this X-100 Pad 2?

Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, GM, GMC, Hummer, Pontiac, Saturn, Ford

Acura, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, KIA, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi,
Nissan, Ssangyong, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota

BYD, Great Wall Motor, Brilliance, JAC, Geely Cars, Lifan Cars, Chery

Audi, Benz, Citroen, Ford, Fiat, Jaguar, Lancia, Land Rover, Opel, Peugeot,
Porsche, Renault, Romeo, Seat, Skoda, Smart, VW

Key Programming Features:

1.New keys programming
2. PIN Code reading with EEPROM
3.Hexadcimal editor(Win Hex)
2.Reads keys from immobilizer’s memory
3.New immobilizer programming
4.Vehicle Identification Number programming
5.Reset ECM & reset immobilizer
6.New remote controller programming
7.With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes

Oil Reset Features:

Innovative one-click oil reset for VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Seat, Skoda, Volvo, etc.
Support engine oil, spark plugs, front brake pads, back brake pads, air conditioner, brake liquid,
coolant liquid, vehicle checking , etc. resetting for BMW. And the supported BMW models are F01/F02/F03/F04/F07/F10/F11/F12/F13/F18/F20/F30, etc.
Support Mercedes Benz new C Class, E Class models and Mercedes Benz VITO/VIANO/SPINTER.
Support the lifespan percentage resetting of engine oil for Buick, Cadillac etc.
Support Porsche Cayenne, Panamera till 2012
Support maintenance light reset for Volvo, Land Rover.

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Autel MS908P and Auro OtoSys IM600, which one you like?

Maybe you are the lucky dog with a cheap Auro OtoSys IM600.

But if you are looking for a IM600 at a decent price, probably you’ll be upset, coz the price has been gone up (+1000 usd around).

So, is it good to buy Auto key Programmer Auro OtoSys IM600 also?

Yes or no? That is a question. IM600 does have very powerful function esp. auto diagnostic and key programming. Note that IM600 cannot support ECU programming!

If you’re in hurry, you can have one; but if not, just wait to see if the price goes down or not.

Also, you have an interesting alternative – Autel MS908P.

It’s cost-effective. Works perfect in diagnostics and ECU programming.

The IMMO function on Autel is not as well as IM600

That is, if you want a professional key programming tool, Autel MS908P is not a good replacement. You can have a try with Obdstar X300 DP, of powerful function (Immobilizer+ odometer adjustment+ EEPROM/PIC adapter+ OBDII+ ABS+ TPS+ SRS reset+ TPMS(low tire)reset+ Steering angle reset+ CVT learning/Value reset+ EPB+ Oil/service reset+ Battery matching+ Diagnosis) with a wide coverage incl. BENZ, BESTURN, BMW, BRILLIANE, CHANGHE, CHERY, CHRYSLER(CHRYSLER/DODGE/JEEP), DFFENGSHEN, DFPV, FAW, FIAT, FORD/LINCOLN, GEELY/HUAPU/SQYL, GM(BUICK/CADILLAC/CHEVROLET/GMC/HUMMER), GREATWALL, HAWTAI, HIMIKO, HNMAZDA, HONDA/ACURA, HONGQI, HYUNDAI, ISUZU, JAC, JAGUAR, KIA, LANDROVER, LIEBAO, LUFENG, LUXGEN, MASERATI, MAZDA, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN/INFINITI, OPEL, PEUGEOT/CITROEN, PORSCHE, PROTON, QQROS, RENAULT, ROEWE/MG, SGMW, SMART, SSANGYONG, SUBARU, SUZUKI, TJFAW, TOYOTA/LEXUS, VW/AUDI/SKODA/SEAT, YOUNGLOTUS, MAZDA, NISSAN

Highlight: NO need pin code to program keys

Highlight: Toyota G Chip and H chip all key lost
Highlight: BMW FEM/BDC Key Programming

1.Key Programming

●Key Information

●Key Programming Preprocessing

Step 1: Code data backup

Step 2: EEPROM Original Data Backup

Step3: Service Mode Data Generation

Step 4:Service Mode Writing

Step 5: FEM/BDC Module Programming

Step 6: EEPROM Original Data Recovering

Step 7: Code Data Recovering

●Key Adding

●Key Delecting

●Function Introduction

● Operation Guide

2. Other Function

● Key enable

● Key disable

● Key status

●Key frequency

●INS reading

●DTC reading

●DTC delecting

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Program Audi Q5 2015-2017 All Keys Lost by Auro OtoSys IM600

This manual introduces how to conduct 2015 Audi Q5 smart key learning under All keys lost situation with Auro OtoSys IM600 tablet key programmer.

Two options are available when accessing the IMMO function under different scenarios:
Key Learning – user has at least one working key when conduct key learning.
All keys lost – user has no working key when conduct key learning.

The operation procedures of Key learning and All keys lost on IM600 tablet are basically
the same. Take All keys lost as an example here.

Procedures before getting started:
1. Connect the OtoFlash to the vehicle’s DLC via the main cable for both communication and power source
2. Connect the OtoFlash to the tablet via BT pairing, or USB connection
3. Connect the IM600 tablet to the included UP400 via USB cable
4. Make sure the WiFi service is available
5. Turn the ignition on, or turn on the hazard lights

Illustration used in this manual are samples, and the actual testing screens may vary by vehicle. Observe the menu titles and on-screen instructions to make correct selections and operations Key Learning under All Keys Lost Scenario

1. Turn on the Auto key Programmer OtoSys IM600 tablet, tap OtoSys on the main interface screen, then IMMO. A vehicle menu displays and a disclaimer prompts up. Tap Accept to continue.

2. Connect the IM600 tablet to WiFi, then go back to the vehicle menu.

3. Tap Audi on the vehicle menu, then tap 2015-2017 vehicle model to the Function Select interface.

You can click on the icon near the top-right corner to record the operation data. If
you encounter any difficulties, click on the icon again to send us the data and problems, so that our engineers could help.

4. Tap Q5 to the Main Function Select interface.
Check details of practicable Blank Keys via tapping Key Pictures.

5. Tap All keys lost on the Main Function Select interface.

6. Proceed as information displayed on the popup window. Then tap OK on the popup window. Reading IMMO data starts automatically.

7. Tap OK displayed on the popup window after reading IMMO date.

8. Proceed to make dealer key(s) as information displayed on the popup windows.
Tap No and proceed as information displayed if you’ve got dealer key(s).
Put the Blank Keys in the programmer keyhole one by one if you need to make more than one dealer key.

9. Key learning procedures start automatically after making dealer key(s) successfully.
Select the number of keys that need to be learned. Tap OK to proceed.
The number should be the sum of existing working keys brought with you and the new keys you need. For example, you’ve got 2 working keys, 1 blank key needs to be made dealer key, but all 3 keys need to be learned, select 3 here.

10. Proceed for key learning as information displayed on the popup window. Tap OK when operation over.

11. Tap OK on the popup window after key learning success. IM600 Auid Q5 Key learning under All keys lost scenario completes.

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Is Auro OtoSys IM100/IM600 as good as it looks?

Is this tool as good as it looks?

Does everything pretty much.

YouTube videos of it getting mac/cs/pin from Simos and edc17s etc without opening, key programming even in 2017 cars vag 4th immo, etc..

Plus oe level diagnosis, Eeprom reading etc etc..

Really this good? Or all bull and Chinese lies..?

I think it’s made by autel, I’ve used their stuff before and been ok

Maybe here we should start reviews and what doesn’t work.

Here is all what I have found on the web. Hope it help you guys also.

Auro OtoSys IM100/IM600 tests on cars:


2015 jeep grand Cherokee: Did not pull pin then locked my out.

Cannot get the PIN: The 100 didn’t give you options to get the PIN code


2013 Dodge Ram 1500s: Did fobik (non prox) key

it would not learn the key on the immo side but if you used the diagnostic side and ID’d the vehicle and went into the RF hub… I was able to program the fobik key. NOTE: I wasn’t able to pull the pin on either side (immo or diagnostic)

2014 Chevy impala: Did not program the key

With Im 600. Did 12 minutes but the light stay lit. Used different machine to do a 12 minute.

2017 Honda Accord Sport Editon: added a new key

2015 Camry H chip: new key programmed

2011 & 2015 Sienna: added a new key

2014 Sienna w/ Proximity: added new keys

2015 plate a4: Did a spare key, AVDI said no other than that is piss poor

Auro OtoSys IM100/IM600 user experience:

Great function: So is the machine will have great functions and will be one of the best I have two but right now a lot of people do not want it because it has some errors but if it works I have been using it and if it works

Chance to diagnosis, programming and parameters: The team if you work. It is not recommended as the first programming team. For Price. Other more economic teams are recommended and then set up. But I’ve had a chance to diagnosis, module programming and booking of parameters. etc

Pretty streamline: The price $3500 is a bit much off it sure is a great kit though. Made it pretty streamline if you’ve used an Autel

Good diagnostic but Limited Immo: Diagnostic side of the house no doubt about it. My point is its immo/key programming capabilities is too limited at the moment for its price.

Clone fobik keys: I have the im600 what menu do you go to when you trying to flash a ECU or BCM can Im600 clone fobik keys

Ford IMMO: Very pleased to see the update Ford IMMO into Auro IM100 and IM600

New: its a new tool and they to test it thoroughly before releasing it to the market. Its trend with all tools from Asia

Easy to use: The reason I’m thinking of getting this unit is it looks very easy to use as I go out to more and more non start cars with the immobiliser light flashing and need to interrogate the immobiliser Ecu as our current mobile locksmiths have made so much money that they can’t now be bothered to check a system for £50 cash which leaves the customer high and dry. But at £2500 its a major investment which will take a long time to break even

Fast and good: Im600 they look pretty good and they have a good future is fast but no updates very few

Pretty: It’s pretty kick butt. Did Honda’s, Toyota and even Volkswagens