SuperOBD SKP-900 SKP900 Key Programmer with the latest price USD750

We all know that SKP-900  is a professional key programmer supporting almost all vehicles in the world without pincode. And it has been updated to the newest V2.8, while there still have some owners who are not familiar with the update process.
Therefore, here share the whole process (which can be divided into two parts as follows), you can follow step by step to complete update.
Download Update Tool and Update File
1. In , register to be a member.
2. In your member center, register for your SKP-900.
3. Then download the Update File in your member center, and to unzip it to get the Update Bin File.

4. Download the Update tool.
Perform the Update Steps
5. Use the USB cable to connect SKP-900 with the computer.
6. Operate the Update Tool, then click OPEN to open the Update Bin File.
7. Click Auto Scan Port to setup the COM Port.
8. Select UPDATE to start update.
Note: according to my own experience, the whole process needs to cost about half an hour Do not Disconnect the SKP-900 while updating..

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