What’s WOYO PDR-007 Paintless Dent Repair Heat Induction?

when you car body with dent, which tools can fixing this problem? is there a device which with the cleanest and fastest way for fixing hail or boulders dents, door dings and other minor soft dents? WOYO PDR-007 Paintless Dent Repair is for Paintless dent repair, do not damage the original pain.

Nandrepair Paintless Dent Repair Features:

Paintless dent repair, do not damage the original pain

Latest techniques, Magnetic induction system, Dent repair innovation

Simple and easy to operate, low cost of learning

Rapid repair, to the same depression area, 10 times faster than traditional repair method.

Fast shipping, Fast delivery to the owner, improve workshop utilization rate, rapid recovery of investment

The high precision control, 85% imported chip equipment components, quality guarantee, stable and secure

Large screen digital display, accurate control, real-time monitor

Saving labor, compared to the traditional repair way requiring 2 people, now only 1 people can operate the whole

Warning Before Operation:

1.Do not use this device in patients with pacemakers and various metal prostheses.

2.Before using the equipment, please wear a protective mask, protective gloves and overalls to prevent burns in operation.

3.Do not wear any metal items such as watches, necklaces, keys, belt buckles, coins, zippers, etc..

4.The equipment shall not be used in conductive dust, spray working area, chemical fuel working area, high temperature zone and high humidity area.

5.When the device is powered on, no combustible material can be placed next to it.

6.Before using the equipment, please have a fire extinguisher in case of improper operation.

7.Do not have to install airbags in the vicinity of the use of this tool.

8.If the device is connected to the power supply, it is necessary to guard the equipment. Unplug the AC power outlet when not in use.

9.Equipment storage, the temperature should be maintained at 0~50 ℃, when the mobile device to avoid vibration.

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