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Best Porsche Diagnostic Tool, FVDI2 ABRITES Commander

Here, What we recommend is V4.1 Porsche FVDI2 ABRITES Commander,If you still in a dilemma about investing in the best diagnostic tool for your precious Porsche vehicles, then this article will help you.

ABRITES Commander for Porsche is professional software for diagnostic of Porsche vehicles. It is capable to perform a diagnostic of any unit. It provides some unique functions, which are not supported by any other diagnostic tool.

What’s FVDI2 Commander Supported Porsche vehicles?

Carrera GT

Carrera GT2 (996)

Carrera GT3 (996)

Boxster (986)

Boxster S (986)

Boxster (997)

Cayman (987)

Cayenne (955)

911 (997)

911 Turbo (996)

911 Turbo (997)

911 Carrera 4 (996)

Boxster 991 (2012+)

911 991 (2012+)

Cayenne 958 (2011+)

Panamera 970 (2010+)

So, what’s this Porsche diagnostic tool Standard diagnostic functions?

For all electronic control units reading identification data

Read and clear all electronic control unitserror (DTCs)

Read live data For 911 997, Boxster 987, Cayman, Cayenne electronic control units

For 911 997, Boxster 987, Cayman, Cayenne electronic units read/write coding

Broadcast – for the chosen model – scan all units and clear all DTCs

And what about the Special functions and its supported models?

1.Engine Control Unit

– ME7.x, ME7.5, ME7.8- Read/Write EEprom, Flash, Read Component Security bytes, Read Sec.access code, ECU Data

– ME5.2, ME7.2 – Read EEprom

– ME 7.8 – Porsche 9×7, 9×6 -Read EEprom

2.Instrument Cluster K-Line

– Porsche Cayenne – Read/Write EEprom, Read/Change odometer

– Porsche 911, Boxter, GT2, GT3 (9×6) with 93c56 – 1998 – 07/2001 year – Read/Write eeprom, Read/Change odometer

– Porsche 911, Boxter, GT2, GT3 (9×6) with 93c86 – 08/2001 – 2005 year – Read/Write eeprom, Read/Change odometer

3.Instrument Cluster CAN

– Porsche Cayenne – Read/Write EEprom, Read/Change odometer

– Porsche 9×7 – Mileage recalibration, Read/Write EEPROM, Reset service interval, Total distance, Oil level measurement

4.Dump Tool

– IMMO – Kessy – Porsche Cayenne [93c86] – shows Sec.access code, Keys data, VIN, Immo number

– ECU ME7.x Reset Component protection data

– ECU ME7.x Security code / Checksum calculator

– Change Odometer ECU ME9 [95320] – Porsche 997

– Change Odometer 95P08 – Porsche 996

– Change Odometer 95P08 – Porsche 997

Finally, check its Advanced functions:

1.Calculate teaching code from Alarm system

– Porsche (9×6)

2.Key Learning

– Learn transponder/key – GT2 996, GT3 996, 911 996, Boxster 996, Carrera GT

– Learn remote control – GT2 996, GT3 996, 911 996, Boxster 996, Carrera GT

– Learn transponder/key – Cayenne

– Learn transponder/key – 911 997, Bosxter 997, Cayman

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Autel MaxiSYS MS906BT Auto Diagnostic Scanner Update Online

Autel MaxiSYS MS906BT Auto Diagnostic Scanner Update Online

Autel MaxiSYS MS906BT have all the capabilities of the maxisys mini ms905 as far as vehicle coverage and capabilities for codes, live data, actuation tests, adaptations and ECU coding .comparing the new MS906BT to the MS905 and they are similar in size but the MS906BT seems to have improvements such as faster processors, slightly larger screen, twice the battery capacity and better camera.


MaxiSys MS906BT is the latest addition to the MaxiSys product line of advanced wireless diagnostic devices. The device is based on the Android operating system featured with the best possible coverage of OE-level diagnostics and ECU coding capability. Utilizing the powerful Exynos 5260 6-core processor (1.3 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 + 1.7 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A15), an 8” capacitive HD touch screen, and long-distance wireless communication, the MaxiSys MS906BT efficiently provides comprehensive vehicle diagnostics and analysis.

Autel MaxiSYS MS906BT Language: English or Spanish(can choose one)

Autel MaxiSYS MS906 has the same apperance with MS906BT, but MS906BT has a few advantage than MS906:
1.MS906BT is installed Bluetooth, allowing diagnosis wirelessly.
2.MS906BT’s diagnostic coverage includes premium vehicle brands such as Maserati and Bentley, which would be required for high-end service shops.
3.MS906BT supports oscilloscope and digital inspection camera add-ons which are not supported by MS906.
4.Finally, MS906BT has the capability to perform coding for covered vehicles.

MS906TS is added TPMS function based on MS906BT.

1.Extraordinarily powerful Samsung Exynos Hexa-core processor
2.8.0” 1024×768 LED-backlit glossy Multi-Touch capacitive display with IPS technology for ultra-mobility
3.Internal reliable 32GB SSD for better performance
4.Built-in 8-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and flashlight
5.802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi to access your favorite web resources
6.Unique ergonomic design with rubberized outer protection and a rugged internal housing
7.Built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery for up to 14 hours of continuous operation
8.USB, audio and auxiliary ports make it easy to connect accessories
9.Open source Android Operating System for fast boot-up and multitasking
10.Easy and intuitive navigation makes finding what you need simple and fast
11.The most extensive complete system coverage for more than 80 US, Asian and European makes and models
12.Exceptional OE-Level functionality from comprehensive OBDII diagnostics & services to advanced ECU coding
13.Complete capabilities for codes, live data, active test, ECU information, adaptation, matching, coding etc.
14.Smart AutoVIN technology for identifying vehicle easily
15.Automatic system and software updates with real-time push message notifications via internet
16.Instant remote control tech support anytime, anywhere
17.Cloud-based MaxiFix online community provides a vast database of diagnostic and repair tips and proven filed fixes
18.Interactive Data Logging sessions enable direct contact with Autel Technical Support for first-hand troubleshooting of diagnostic bugs and errors
19.One-stop multitasking designed for ideal management of workshop operations to keep all data files, customer info, and vehicle records well organized
20.Enhanced wireless BT connectivity between the display tablet and VCI device allows greater mobility and ease at work
21.Convenient data management system for managing internal program applications and reviewing data

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Launch X431 ICarScan Update Software Online

Launch X431 ICarScan Update Software Online,doesn’t have IP limitation ,you can use it once you register it well ,and canchoose 5 software for free.

If you want more softwares,You need to buy diagnostic software directly from OBD2 Diagnostic Tools Official Website

Unit Car Model: 66USD

Launch X431 ICarScan Support Full System,cover all the functions of Launch X431 IDiag.
Launch iCarScan Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner for Android.
Launch ICarSan Support Multi-Language: English, French, Russian, Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese

The iCarScan VCI (vehicle communication interface) can turn your Android smartphone / tablet into a professional automotive diagnosis tool. Users can communication with automotive’s OBDII socket via BlueTooth with an Android smartphone/ tablet, to achieve full systems and full function diagnosis, include reading/ clearing trouble codes, data stream, actuation test, adaptation, ECU coding & programming, oil reset, other special function, etc.

What is the different Between Launch ICarScan and Launch X431 IDiag?

The iCarScan scanner will not come with software in the package, only hardware. But we will offer you Launch X431 register name & password. You can free download Demo Software / Smart OBDII diagnostic software and Any 5 diagnostic software from APP.
Besides Demo Software / Smart OBDII diagnostic software,you also can download 5 kinds softwares from the following car list for free. If you need more car software, please contact us to purchase.

Build-in bluetooth, easily connects with Android smartphone and tablet
5 carlines software included, 40 carlines or reset function available;
Full systems and complete function diagnosis for the most extensive
Coverage of OE-licarevel diagnostics;
Reading / clearing trouble codes, data stream, actuation test, adaptation,
ECU coding & programming, oil reset, other special function, etc.
Intuitive interface and easy to use.

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Cummins Adblue Emulator Adblue- Nox Emulator Plug and Drive Device


Cummins Adblue Emulator allow to disable SCR system on trucks with Cummins engins and system Emitec, Grundfos and BOSCH Denoxtronic. No need computer programming, it is a plug and drive device.


For Trucks (Engine brand must be Cummins)
Chinese Trucks:

Vehicle List ( no need computer programming )

ISG12 Euro IV/V
ISF3.8 for Light Commercial
ISF2.8 for Light Commercial
ISMe for Euro Truck & Bus
ISL for Euro Truck & Bus
ISB6.7 for Euro Truck & Bus
ISB4.5 for Euro Truck & Bus
ISL G for Euro Truck & Bus
B Gas Plus (Euro 5)
C Gas Plus (Euro 3 & 4)
ISB5.9 G for Euro Truck & Bus

Packing List:

1pc x Commins adblue emulator
1pc x euro3 nox socket
1pc x euro4 nox socket
1pc x adblue socket

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John Deere Service Advisor with Nexiq clone 90% Worked

FYI, John Deere Service Advisor 90% works with Nexiq China clone.

Topic 1: John deere SA possible with NEXIQ USB Link?

It is possible to install Professional Diagnostic Tools John Deere Service Advisor on your laptop, though the installation is really complicated. If you have a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop, the easiest way is to restore the main partition from the image of my computers’ c: drive. And every time i change my laptop, i just restore it.

Win7 installed and fully updated. It takes hours.

The image will not work on XP, but SA works fine. My suggestion, buy used Lenovo T400 or T500. it’s more or less 250 EURO in Europe. Install windows 7 and then can put my image. Takes 10 minutes and u have SA working.

Topic 2: How to get Nexiq china worked?
I spent a month doing research on this and i managed my Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tool Nexiq to work 90%. The thing is that Nexiq has only 2 channels while EDL has 3. The 3rd one is Powertrain and it is used very seldom. E.g. I reprogrammed all the controllers on 6690 premium except two, but found a way around it opening the pld file with pld editor and changing Powertrain channel to Vehicle (channel 1). Lots of machines don’t even have a 3rd Powetrain channel. Like all 5R; 6115R, 6125R, 7280R….. From my experience only the older machines have it and still can be programmed most of the time. Programming controllers is easy, but diagnostics is a bit annoying. Every time you establish the connection u have to remove the USB plug and plug it again for the readings to appear. Connection establishment is taking a long long time and you never see the ECU. Only all the other controllers. So all the time something doesn’t work. If you are prepared for this here is what you have to do:

a) Rewire the the cables as shown in the picture in my post here:
I switched places channel 1 with channel 2 (see the pic) with my Chinese version and now it works fine, probably it was possible to do it adjusting the software settings as mentioned above, but i tried a lot, and nothing helped. Now i can connect, tried with 6125R and 5070M. Works fine!!! Except one very important thingy. After i establish the connection, all the reading give the same meaningless number. Then, I discovered accidentally, I pull out the USB cable, get the message “Connection interrupted” I put it back in, get the message “Connection resumed” and wuolla, all the readings show up immediately.

b) You don’t have to change the firmware. Both will work pretty much the same but with different issues.

P.S. For diagnostics only, there is a subprogram of SA that works without any cable rewiring, it doesn’t have a Program Controller option, and you still need to reinsert the usb after connection has been established. You just need to select the right port (which is usually 1939ImplementAutoboud or 1939AppAutoboud depending on the machine) and model. If you have SA, you will find the software at c:\Program Files\Service ADVISOR\xvds\XJDET.exe

Just to let you know, after a year working like that, i bought another EDL (recommended by a folk in the forum, much much much more than the old one)
So much relief

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2017 FVDI2 ABRITES Commander

1. Software Version: V4.1
2. Language: English Only
3. Buy Porsche software get Hyundai/Kia/Tag Key Tool software free, besides you can get free 20 Digit Nissan Pin Code Calculator Software too
4. Support System: Windows XP

Porsche FVDI2  Description:
ABRITES Commander for Porsche is professional software for diagnostic of Porsche vehicles. It is capable to perform a diagnostic of any unit. It provides some unique functions, which are not supported by any other diagnostic tool.

FVDI2 Porsche Standard Diagnostic Functions:
For all electronic control units reading identification data
For all electronic control units read error (DTCs)
For all electronic control units clear error (DTCs)
For 911 997, Boxster 987, Cayman, Cayenne electronic control units – live data
For 911 997, Boxster 987, Cayman, Cayenne electronic units read/write coding
Broadcast – for the chosen model – scan all units and clear all DTCs

Porsche AVDI Advanced Functions:
Calculate teaching code from Alarm system – Porsche (9×6)
Key Learning
– Learn transponder/key – GT2 996, GT3 996, 911 996, Boxster 996, Carrera GT
– Learn remote control – GT2 996, GT3 996, 911 996, Boxster 996, Carrera GT
– Learn transponder/key – Cayenne
– Learn transponder/key – 911 997, Bosxter 997, Cayman

About Us – Professional Auto Diagnostic tool Supplier. We provides car diagnostics tools for Do-It-Yourself and professional automotive mechanics. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us, send email to or chat online. We are well organized by a group of rich-experienced design experts who have been engaging in auto diagnostic tools for more than 10 years. FREE, Professional & Unlimited Technical Support, Factory Price!

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Is ICARSCAN same or old version of LAUNCH X431 Easydiag ?

LAUNCH X431 Easydiag 2.0 is basically the same OBD-II Bluetooth device – but the software supplied with it is different – and the way it’s sold is different.

Easydiag 2.0 is without ANY vehicle/manufacturer specific diagnostics capability. As delivered it will do just OBD-II and some ABS diagnostics. Generic OBD-II. It won’t read the 30 or so modules in your Cayenne.

To get it to do that – you have to purchase the software for Porsche – which includes ALL Porsche cars. As someone mentioned – that’s about another $50, so you’re in at about $100 to JUST read Porsche codes. If you want additional vehicle manufacturers (all your cars aren’t Porsches) – each manufacturer will cost you another $50. So – the adaptor and 2 cars costs the same as the ICarScan one – which includes in the $158/price – the ability to choose 5 different car manufacturers and 3 special functions. ICARSCAN replacement LAUNCH X431 IDIAG , LAUNCH X431 Easydiag 2.0, LAUNCH M-DIAG Elite.

So that’s why not-really and no. But sorta.

Which is best for you? Dunno. At the time I bought mine – the Launch tool (made by the company that writes the software running on the ICarScan ) wasn’t readily available.

I only know one person who bought the one from Launch – and he seems happy with it. If you notice – there are versions of it available for around $80 that include 2 vehicle manufacturer’s diagnostics. That’s not a bad deal either.

I haven’t worked with that tool, and haven’t tried the software. I know from seeing it – the software has some differences from the ICarScan software. Dunno if the differences are simply cosmetic or significant. If someone wants to buy one and send it to me I could do a side by side comparison. That might be interesting.

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CAT ET Adapter iii caterpillar communication adapter three Technical Inquiries

Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III is pc-based heavy duty diagnostic tool for caterpillar engines. Nowadays, caterpillar communication adapter three comes with Auto Repair Software CAT ET 3 2015A software program. autonumen.COM also has the CAT SIS 2016 software hdd offered.

In case you wanna know even more about cat caterpillar et adapter three, please you’ll be able to read some technical inquiries that other people met. Now, we’ll get the summary of cat caterpillar et diagnostic adapter faqs. Hope that can enable you to.

CAT ET III Adapter on FAQs:

1. Q: hello friends could allow ET 2014A, I am looking to use nexiq, so I get error Plz enable me

Answer:before any procedure, you must set up the driver nexiq, under the ET2014, and the preferences window and locate the connection utility, under use the mechanism approved RP1210, stick with the solution to click Sophisticated and choose USB link Nexiq, end click OK, and that’s it!

2. Q: When open ET I get the message

Answer:There are lots of mistakes that we can uncover after you set up this patch, typically suggest redo the installation, delete the atmosphere variable, paste one particular by 1 the files, go back to adjust the mac address with a file or procedure we lack provides this error.

3. Q: 2014ET is working very good on Computer.But SIS is want activation,what I desire for run SIS,which version have to have SIS for lisance.dat ??

Answer:Run all as administrator

4. Q: Connected laptop with win XP, 2011B and worked completely! Attempted to reactivate 2014A on win 7 laptop utilizing the patch from edmtech running as administrator and it mentioned the MAC address adjust was productive however it goes back to what it was when I close it and ET says it’s not licensed. Any concepts?

Answer:you should modify the mac address for pci express due to the fact with other mac address not perform.

5. Q: Set up Cat ET 2014A at ASUS apply windows 8.1,but Error when Cat Network Activation ID, adapter use Realtek PCIe FE Loved ones controller of Cat network Activation ID

Answer:run as administrator Cat Network id.

When you’ve got other questions about caterpillar et three adapter, please really feel no cost to contact team, then you definitely will get the ideal offer and service.

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Distinction between MaxiSys MS908 and MaxiSys Pro MS908P

Maxisys MS908P scanner would be the fantastic solution for automobile fix retailers and technicians. Autel MaxiSys MS908 pro diagnostic resource help Automatic WiFi updates obtainable in new application releases, extensive automobile protect for additional than eighty car products, together with: United states of america, Asian and European auto can make. Maxisys MS908 scanner can screen live information in exam, graph, analog and electronic gauge for simple data evaluate and examination.

Do you know Difference between Autel MaxiSys MS908 and MaxiSys Professional MS908P scanner.
one.The two Autel MaxiSys MS908 and MaxiSys Professional MS908P scanner are Autel MaxiSys Automobile Analysis Process.
two.Both Autel MaxiSys MS908 and MaxiSys Professional MS908P scanner developed significantly past the initial capabilities of MaxiDAS Ds708.
three.The two CnAutotool Autel MaxiSys MS908 and Autel MaxiSys Professional MS908P scanner are MaxiSys Auto Communication Interface(VCI) coupled with the best possible protection of OE-level diagnostics.
four.Each Autel MaxiSys MS908 and Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P scanner run on Android Operating Method.

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MB SD Connect 5 vs 2017 FVDI2 Commander

Both MB SD C5 and FVDI II are diagnostic and Programmer tools for Mercedes Benz Cars & Trucks.Then buy Mercedes Benz MB SD C5 or buy FVDI 2 Commander ,which better ? Referred to this question, here,the blog will make a comparison between these two tools,hope it will give you more informations.

About WiFi MB SD Compact 5

Newly MB SD C5 was updated from C4,compared to C4,the new SD Connect C5 with new design and better function and performance. And Car Diagnostic Tools MB SD Connect 5 is specially for Mercedes Benz Cars & Trucks after year 2000.

About 2017 FVDI2 Commander Diagnostic Tool

The 2017 FVDI2 Commander Diagnostic is a professional tool for fully programming your vehiles,see official features below

1. Read identification
2. Read extended identification
3. Read/Clear fault codes
4. Scanning for control units / Clearing fault codes in all control units
5. Display of Actual Values
6. Actuator Tests
7. Reset of control units
8. Control unit adaptations
9. Adjustment of injector injection quantities adaptation for Diesel Engines (CDI-4, CDI-5).

MB SD Connect 5 vs FVDI2 Commander

1.MB SD Connect 5 supports more Languages than FVDI II.

2.MB SD C5 Supports wireless diagnose,while the FVDI 2 didnt.

3.MB SD Connect C5 supports Mercedes Benz Cars After Year 2000,while the FVDI 2 can support Mercedes Benz Smart Maybach.

4. FVDI II Diagnostic Tool comes with a USB Dongle,the MB SD didnt.

5 FVDI II is a professional tool to programmer your vehicles from everysides like Airbag,Programming transponder keys ,Read/Write EEPROM of Dashboard control units and so on.

6. FVDI II Diagnosis can work on more window system than MD Connect C5.

7. 2017 FVDI II is expensive than MD SD C5.

So,if you are looking for a professional tool ,then buy FDVI II,though the price is expensive,yet,the function is powerful.But if you just wanna a tool to programming or flashing your Mercedes Benz,then buy MB SD Compact C5,currently,it is super hot and big welcomed.

See more click: