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Piwis Tester II V16.2 Bluetooth z CF30 tylko € 725

Good news!
Piwis Tester II V16.2 Porsche diagnostic tool with Bluetooth and plus one CF30 laptop drop to €725, after one month later the price will rise up.

PIWIS Tester is working hard to make the main unit outlook is lighter and add “Remote Assistance” icon:
1) Piwis Tester II V16.2 main unit will be designed as thin as a tablet in the near future:

Considering the present PIWIS tester with a CF30 laptop is heavy and bring custom some trouble, the factory is developing a new model of piwis tester, it will be as thin as a little tablet and with a protect shell outside, it weights only 1.5KG.

2) The factory is working hard to add a “Remote Assistance” function.
Click “Remote Assistance” at the upper right corner of the VX Manager, you will get a IP address, just send it to us for remote assistance, compare with Teamviewer, its connection will be more stable and keep away from the risk of account locked.
Piwis Tester II V16.2 – the first version with Development Mode
Tester II factory always add more user-friendly function and make the user feel better with PIWIS Tester 2.
During the past two months, Tester II V16.2 is released and built win “Development Mode”, Tester II V16.2 is the first version that realizes “Development Mode” function. You just open Piwis, under V16.2 menu toolbar to click “online update”, you will see two buttons, one is “development mode”, and another is “normal mode”.

Piwis Tester II V16.2 Development Mode can perform following function:
Piwis Tester II V16.2 Development Mode can work with offline programming for almost all modules, also you can access special functions with it.

1. Start / stop “LAST MODE” wait flameout Change Memory
2. Spoiler “speed Rises ahead
3. Spoiler “Fixed”
4. Spoiler “angle change”
5. Activities Implementation Plan VO code changes
6. Air Mercury Close
7. The power upgrade
8. The tire pressure sensor is removed
9. Reversing camera installation
10. The installation of USB / BT
11. The seat belt warning Close
12. CDR / PCM user interface changes
13. Air conditioning Memory
14. CDR_AUX Enable
15. PCM_ enabled
16. Coding Manual
17. Automatic Coding
18. The manual programming
19. Automatic Programming

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Sbb Key Programmer New Version for most carWidely used|

Different of SBB Key Programmer, MVP, T300 Key Programmer, AD900 Key programmer
Q: Can SBB match Australia Ford Falcon and Holden Commodores?
A: Yes, it can do the cars.
Q: Does the SBB have old connectors in the package?
A: No, there does not. SBB is connected to the car via OBD2 cable .
Q: If the SBB can be update and how to do this?
A: It can not be update now and once there comes the update information, we will release it on the website.
Q: What types of cars can this product programming?
A: Please check the PDF files on the website and there is the detailed information of it.
Moreover, the SBB can do more new cars than others and it is a universal car key programmer tool.
-SBB copies chip according to car model, while AD900 does according to chip model.
-SBB can still make key even if all of keys lost, because SBB interface is to insert into the OBD diagnostic seat to read chip data; AD900 can write the chip of an old key into a new key or empty key.
-And SBB can read immobilizer pin code as MVP and T300 do, while AD900 can not read immobilizer pin code, AD900 can directly copy and duplicate keys.

How to use SBB key programmer?
SBB V33 can make new keys even if you lost all keys.
1. Insert the new blank key into your car keyhole first before running SBB.
2. Turn on ignition switch;
3. Insert SBB 16-pin interface into your car’s OBD2 diagnostic socket, read PIN code, and program key. SBB V33 key programmer read PIN code for Honda, Acura, Volkswagen, Toyota and Nissan. When programming new keys for Ford, Honda and Toyota, we don’t need to read PIN code. But have to read PIN code when programming keys for Volkswagen and Nissan. Further more, you can visit or Contact us for: SBB Key programmer Manual
SBB Key programmer Video

By the way, provides SBB Key Programmer technical support to you if your purchase, including the sbb user manual, sbb new function detail, sbb key add new car, abb key main menu. Hope these technical information can help you using this tool more smoothly.

Followings are some other problems about SBB Key Programmer. How SBB key programmer works?
Even if all of your keys get lost, SBB Key Programmer also can make sure you get a new key.
1) Before running SBB Key Programmer, please insert the blank new key into your car keyhole;
2) turn on ignition switch;
3) Insert SBB 16-pin interface into your car OBD2 diagnostic seat. SBB Key Programmer copies chip according to car model, and it program key not clone key, it only needs to insert SBB 16-pin interface into your car OBD2 diagnostic seat, then read out immobilizer pin code from immobilizer dump/eeprom of the car before writing it into new blank key.
When Programming Ford vehicle, it does not need pin code. SBB key programmer read pin code SBB Key Programmer support read pin code for Honda, Acura, Volkswagen, Toyota and Nissan.It needs pin code to read Volkswagen and Nissan, no need pin code to read Honda and Toyota.
SBB Key Programmer FAQ (Frequetly Asked Question)
Q: Can SBB match Austrialia Ford Falcon and Holden Commodores?
A: Yes,it can.
Q: Why SBB do not have lots of connectors?
A: This product can directly connect with the car’s OBD2 16pin connector.
Q: Can this new version be updated?
A: This version can not be updated.
Q: What type of cars can this product programming?
A: SBB is a univeral key programming tool.It can do lots of cars,but to detail car compatible list,there is a file on our website or you can contact our customer service.
Q: What is the open machine password for SBB?
A: password is 38023118.
Q: How can I get pin code for the vehicles I want?
A: SBB can calculate some car’s pin code. But for those pin code it can not calculate, you can use other pin code reader machine Now SBB key programmer is just US$ 99.9, If you want to buy SBB key programmer, Please contact us:

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How to choose Autel Maxisys Elite,Autel Maxisys Pro,and Mini Version?

The MaxiSys Elite rapidly performs every job from comprehensive vehicle diagnostics & analysis to advanced ECU programming. it is new Autel Maxisys series have four autel maxisys diagnostic tools:Autel maxisys elite,autel MS908P,Autel MS908,Mini Autel Maxisys.How to choose the suitable one?

Autel Maxisys Comparison:

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How to use ICarScan (super idag)

4 Reasons to Get Launch X431 ICarScan:

Launch X431 ICarScan Update Software Online,doesn’t have IP limitation ,you can use it once you register it well ,and can choose 5 software for free. If you want more softwares,You need to buy diagnostic software directly from Launch Official Website Unit Car Model: 66USD

Launch X431 ICarScan Support Full System,cover all the functions of Launch X431 Idiag.
Launch iCarScan Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner for Android.
Launch ICarSan Support Multi-Language: English, French, Russian, Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese


The Launch ICarScan (vehicle communication interface) can turn your Android smartphone / tablet into a professional automotive diagnosis tool. Users can communication with automotive’s OBDII socket via BlueTooth with an Android smartphone/ tablet, to achieve full systems and full function diagnosis, include reading/ clearing trouble codes, data stream, actuation test, adaptation, ECU coding & programming, oil reset, other special function, etc.

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Launch x431 pad ii function and features introduction

Launch X431 PAD II WIFI Function
The Launch X-431 PAD II is the new high-end diagnosis solution. Using the open source Android OS for deep car analysis and work with its large number of special functions.
Dust and waterproof design (IP65), including docking station for DBSCar, EasyDiag and golo.
Full system diagnosis for more than 70 brands; access to all available vehicle systems; coding, programming (key,immobilizer system) and service reset.

Professional and systematic DTC scan
Read & clear DTCs and use the integrated DTC one-click search
Record and playback Live Data
Display various graph streams simultaneously (up to 15 graph streams)
Remote diagnosis via golo
Easy and quick update via Wi-Fi

Technical Data
Operating system: Android 4.1
CPU: 1.2 GHz Quad Core
Display: 10.1” IPS capacitive touchscreen
Capacity: 32 GB
Video output: HDMI
Battery: 12,000 mAh (6-8 hours)

To learn more abou car diagnostic tool,click here:

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Which BMW key programmer is best for you?

Category : Auto key Programmer

BMW key lost or need a clone? which BMW key programmer to use?
When you plan to buy a BMW key programmer online, have you wonder which key programmer do I know? Have you ask yourself or your friends like this “among these BMW key programmer supplied by the seller, which one should I buy”?
In the following parts, I will list some BMW key programmers, and generally tell you their similarities and differences.

1.High technical tool which mainly support Auto diagnose, programming and security maintenance 3 in 1.
2.Support Key Programming for BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3, and Support Key Matching and All key lost for CAS4 /CAS 4+;
3. Support BMW Key Programming with OBD Functions
4. Software response fast, short time programming, and new breakthrough in operation safety and technical support.
5. Supported Languages: English, Chinese
6.  Certification: CCC,CE,GS, CCC,CE,GS,ISO
7. Warranty:1 year
8. Free Update Online on official website, when you receive the device, please download software on official website too.
9. Newly Add BMW FEM/EDC Function for free

AK90 Key Programmer AK90+ For All BMW EWS
Newest AK90 BMW KEY-PROG V3.19 is a safe and effecitive key match tool for BMW EWS system. It covers EWS2.1/EWS2.2/EWS3/EWS3.3/EWS4/EWS4.4,can read all EWS key information from 1995-2005.
Newest version:V3.19

AK90 Functions:
1. Directly reading data dumps from MCU which marked 1D47J , 2D47J , 0D46J ,2L86D without removing MCU from circuit board , easy to do yourself.
2. With the help of software you can renew , lock or unlock keys as well.
3. Programming original chips “EML 10030A” for making keys .
4. Identifying keys for all EWS and CAS , showing VIN , key No. It can change VIN, can change mileage in ews.
BMW CAS AK300 AK300+ V1.5 Key Maker
AK300+ BMW CAS Key Maker (Support in 2002 -2009 years) especially for BMW CAS system key programmer.Support new BMW CAS,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+. Automatic analysis CAS data,easy to match keys.
AK300 highlights in features and functions:
Language: English, Chinese
Operation System: Windows XP
Car Coverage: BMW 2002 -2009 Year
Firmware Version: 1.16
Software Version: 1.50
Support new BMW CAS,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+. Automatic analysis CAS data
AK300+ Features:
1 BMW CAS supports a diagnosis of communication directly through the OBD port or through the CAN BUS port security to read and write data EEPROM;
2 automatic analysis CAS data, automatically displays the BMW keys to use quantity; key tooth number; remote control frequency; CAS with the DME synchronization ID; keys scrapped the state, etc.;
3 supports key scrapped or restart using the old key; this technology unmatched global technology;
4 supporting the rehabilitation of CAS computer (due to transfer table is damaged or programming lock);
5 supports the new 2002-2009 BMW CAS; CAS2; CAS3; CAS3+
6 support the horse CAS; CAS 2; CAS 3; CAS 3 + BMW and BMW remote key. E65/E66/E87/E60/E61/E90/E91/E92/E93/E71/E71

HiTag2 V3.1 Programmer
HiTag2 v.3.1 programmer is universal key programmer, with additional options of key programming from dump and PIN extraction. Just insert blank key or appropriate transponder you need to program. Device detects transponder type and will do everything automatically.
Language: English
1.BMW (CAS1/2/3/3 +) at 912/9S12 immo + remote control, editing, KM, VIN, reading data from the key, read / write eeprom of the transponder, reading data from remote
2.AUDI (Kessy) on 93C66 immo + remote, read PIN, edit VIN number and immo
3.VW (Kessy) on 93C86 immo + remote, read PIN, edit VIN number and immo
4.PORSCHE (Kessy) on 93C86 immo + remote, read PIN, edit VIN number and immo
5.BENTLEY (Kessy) on 93C86 immo + remote, read PIN, edit VIN number and immo
6.CHRYSLER (State) on the 95040/95080 immo + remote, read PIN, VIN Edition
7.LAND ROVER (EWSх) to immo 9S12, editing VIN
8.NISSAN (NATS) at 95,080 immo
9.OPEL (CIM) in the 9S12 immo + remote, read PIN, VIN Edition
10.RENAULT (UCH) on 93C66 immo + remote, read PIN, VIN Edition
11.SAAB (CIM) for the 93LC66 immo + pilot edition of the VIN
1. Latest versions of HiTag2 transponders are fully supported.
2. Widest range of supported cars, using HiTag2 protocol.
3. Deep research work, has allowed us to make device, as much as possible correctly adding keys in the car, without damage to its functionality!

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This VCM2 diagnostic tool is better than J2534 mode interface

Once you wanna purchase a Xtool PS2 GDS scanner, You maybe ask why the china clone vcm II is so cheap. The vcm II is incomplete characteristics? No, the china clone vcm II is very good top quality and they’ve capabilities just like the original. Beneath we list the capabilities regarding the clone ford vcm II for the view. Ford VCM II for ford V86 Mazda v91 assistance WIFI, only can perform on XP laptop or computer technique .

This VCM2 diagnostic tool is far better than J2534 mode interface , it can be update by CD, support multi-language English, Italian, Spanish, Spanish(Mexico), French, French(Canada), German, Dutch, Finish, Danish, Greek, Slovenian, Amer English, Vietnamese language, Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese(Brazil), Polish, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Czechic, Chinese(Taiwan), Chinese(China) ,

Bluetooth CAT Caterpillar ET can show all operating circumstances including transmission shift counts, greater than speed and so on. This function will make you know your truck clearer and hold your truck from above troubles which will trigger a higher repair costs. CAT Caterpillar Adapter III is exceptionally hommization. You needn’t to become concerned its operation, because it makes it attainable for you personally practice using Cat ET devoid of any communications adapter or electronic. This function is referred to as “ET trainer” which is truly comfort to users.

The AUTONUMEN connection could hyperlink using the testing adapter. Beside, the PS2 tool has USB connection , VGA connection, power connection, most important test connection and so on. For instance, the USB connection is usually to carry on the data synchronization with Pc. So , the PS2 tool have additional functions and features .The principle testing line connects the PS2 mainframe with all the DB15 adapter. Plus the PS2 professional diagnostic tool is really a main solution of locksmith tool , which can be absorbing skilled technology .

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(Solved) VCM2 WiFi only work with v86, not newer IDS

Thread about VCM2 WiFi on newer IDS software.

I think its pretty clear why it doesn’t work now from watching the serial connection to the VCM’s output….The drivers aren’t loading on the VCM. That was what I was pointing out.

My wifi works only with v86 not with any other versions but haven’t worked out which file to swap

He alluded to the key being getting the v86 VCI to work with the newer VCM firmware in another post. I was able to beg v86 VCI to talk to v101.04 VCM firmware without saying it needed to upgrade the other day but not to my benefit :/

I am currently getting a laptop deployed that has more than one USB 2.0 port. I tried using 3.0 by setting the vmplayer to USB3 mode adding adding the driver on the guest OS for the USB 3 host controller which all went fine but the Host OS isn’t passing devices through to the vmplayer guest OS that I plug in to USB3 ports :/

I never thought having a newer model laptop would hurt me

And…… Physical hardware with v86 installed directly on it worked just fine for WiFi! Gonna grab the individual VCM’s config file from the VCI manager and see if that works in 101.04 The file is generated when you first plug in the VCM to software for the first time.

Another note you’d better read:

it wont work , if it is detected that you are trying to use an older version VCI Manger , the setup installs the vci manager from another location , might work upto about 97 version , but deffo not in 100 or 101 version, to get and older vci manager to work in 100 plus version requires quite a lot of work to be fair .

swapping individual files wont work either, thats why the firmware patch only worked to 97 version, after that the vci manager changed the install location of the firmware files and stuff, look at your two different setup’s 86 – 101 to see what i mean.

Advice form experts:

Better use genuine VCM2 or HQ cloned VCM2 SP177-C1, no issues of WiFi & IDS compatibility.

Easy to find out a genuine Ford VCM2 unit via Google;

But attention please when you wanna go to a VCM2 clone -READ IT:

Where to buy Ford VCM2 clone SP177C or SP177C1

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VCDS VAG COM 17.8.0 software download,installation and use

VCDS VAG COM 17.8.0 software download,installation and use

1.Software download

1.1Enter the website (,as shown:


1.2Choose language


1.3Click Download



1.4 Put the software you downloaded to the desktop


2.Installation and use

2.1 double click the icon desktop,wait for installing,as shown:








2.2 Run VCDS software,connect VCDS VAG COM to your computer USB interface

2.3 Click options


2.4 Click Test,show that VCDS VAG COM hardware has been activated


2.5 Then click save,you can use VCDS VAG COM to test your car

2.6As shown,choose function you want

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How to switch language of Autel MAXISYS MS906 MS906BT MS906TS MS908 MS908P? website offer Autel MAXISYS MS906 MS906BT MS906TS MS908 MS908P with multi-language.

There are 2 language for choice: English and Spanish.

Today, we would like to share with you how to switch language from Spanish to English.

1. First of all, the language of the Autel MAXISYS MS906 Android Tablet need to change from Spanish to English.
Double check System setting —- language —-English


2. The language of Diagnostic need to change.
To change the language from Spanish to English.

Step 1: Click at Maxisys.


Step 2: Click at “Settings”.

Step 3: Click at “ Language”


Step 4: Select “ English”


Then you can see that the language is in English now.


After changing language to English and if you found it is blank here(Maxisys—Diagnostic).


Please go to Update and select vehicles software and reload them.


If you have any other question about Autel serial scanner, please contact us via