How to do for these problems of MCT-500 ?

There have many customers bought our MCT-500 MCT500 Motor Scanner Tool , but some one met these problems as bellow :

  1. The screen showed ERROR as the following picture

Why made this problem happen ? A.The memory card was loosen when transit or use it long time ; Solution : take out the memory card , and make sure insert it well again

B.The memory card damaged , cant working . Solution: change the other memory card try it


  1. MCT500 blue screen

Reasons : The LCD screen have problem , or the line of LCD didn’t connect well .

Solution : Send back repair or change the new main unit .


  1. Menu lost some icon

The main reason is for the TF memory card have problem

Solutions : Change the other 8G TF card , then put the updated file to the card update it .

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