CK200 is newly released universal auto key programmer in 2015

CK200 is newly released universal auto key programmer in 2015, ck200 v38.03 key programmer updated from ck100 key programmer, Compared with ck100, ck200 key programmer can support more car models.ck200 auto key programmer is Updated version of CK-100 Key programmer, also the new generation Car Locksmith Tools. CK200 Key Programmer 38.07 no token limit, and add more car models in the car support list.

The GM Tech 2 diagnostic tool has been around since the 1980’s.  It has been the flagship diagnostic tool and programing device for many many years.  it continues to be a valuable part of the GM dealership stable because its quick, efficient, and works great!  Now that other diagnostic programs that are, for the most part, only economically  viable for GM dealership technicians to use (like Tech2WIN) the cost of Tech 2 has come down a little bit over years past.

GM tech 2 programmer is personal GM, OPEL, SUZUKI, SAAB, Holden cars diagnostic kit. VETRONIX TECH 2 scanner with GM TIS200 software can to till 2006 year GM car programming. Autonumen GM tech 2 programmer VETRONIX TECH 2 scanner with newest 33.004 GM software release.

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