How to install Tech2Win software

CK-200 programmer added Pin Code reading service and RFID copier adapter, Raise considerably more capabilities. Insert the 12V energy adapter in to the square hole of CK-200 at this time. Connect an additional end with laptop or computer by way of USB port, the system will show ??Found new hardware?? (Win XP) or ??Installing device driver software??

The area of the screen shown next to the yellow No. 1 is where the Tech 2 will list all the “Module(s)” that were present and responded on the network at key-on. If a particular module never communicated on the network, then it will not show up on the list. Obviously, if a particular module never communicated due to defect, then we will need some way of knowing which modules were supposed to have been present on the vehicle.

How to install GM Tech 2 Scan Tool software:
1) Connect GM MDI diagnostic interface into the computer via USB port
2) Turn any anti-virus software or firewall software off.
3) Select the Tech2Win software download on TIS2Web. Install Tech2Win software when installation prompt pops out.
4) Install Tech2Win software using default selections. After succeed install software, there will two shortcuts:Tech2Win QuickStart and Tech2Win Configurator on computer desktop
5) Open Tech2Win QuickStart shortcut icon on the desktop
6) Click OK when the license dialog pops out
7) When the MDI is detected, a dialogue box will direct you to select the vehicle communication interface.
8 To initiate the software license and install the diagnostic software, select the Software Download (SWDL) on TIS2Web and click Start Software Download.

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