About the CReader Pro 129 – Code Scanner for Professionals

Many people on the internet all said the MB Star C3, C4 software is the same, C4 whit SD CONNECT also with this software, and for the hardware, C3,C4 is same function in diagnosing.For mercedes Benz, C3 and C4 also can do work, in my opnion, C4 work with all the benz and more than C3, but C3 can do benz truck very well, this is advantage for c3.C4 is much stronger in anti-interrupting ability, when C4 tests cars, it’s hard to influence by the environmenr outside, such as magnetic field,noise. C4 is much smaller in the appearance than C3.Benz compact 4 SD-Connect is a latest Benz wireless multiplexer. It will connect to the PC by wireless connection.The biggest difference, i think, is connection wiring mode, C3 need 232 port, but C4 can be used with network port, even wireless.Also, the price C3 and C4 is very different, now Mercedes Benz C3 is the half price fo C4 as far as I know. could you some guys add more infos? i want to know more, thanks.

About the CReader Pro 129 – Code Scanner for Professionals
The Launch CRP129 contains enhanced manufacturer specific coverage for Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles along with live data for Engine, Transmission, ABS (Anti-lock Brakes) and SRS (Safety Restraint) systems.In addition, the CReader Pro 129 boasts a powerful critical task feature set including Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) release, required for routine brake jobs on many vehicles today, Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) and Oil Service Light resets.

EVG7 DL46 tablet PC is designed to use especially in the environment of vehicle repairing garage services. We installed and tested all kind of automotive, truck and bus diagnostic softwares.  You can install and run all diagnostic softwares without any alert and error.Autonumen offer EVG7 Diagnostic Controller Tablet PC – White / Black / DDR 2GB / 4GB / 8GB. You can choose one which you need.

There’s a simple and economical method to check. I’ve discovered that the majority of the OBD1 and OBD2 Diagnostic Tools computer systems which could scan for trouble codes. They provide this like a free plan to their clients, which could save the $35 to $80 I’ve come across billed for the similar factor.Once these error codes are caused by your pc, you’ve got a clue in regards to what the issue is. Now you can perform a simple Search to determine exactly what the codes mean particularly for the vehicle. In many cases, it will explain precisely the faulty component, for example which O2 sensor or cylinder is failing. Now you can buy the parts you’ll need and save money and time around the repairs and repair.

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